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Seven Soft Services

We, at Sevensoft, started our journey towards excellence. Ever since, our strong point have set us apart from the rest, all the time aiding us in living up to your probable. The three major limbs that had held us up through these years, we’d proudly say, are our skill full team, our proficiency and our experience. Seven Soft Services is providing Localization , Translation services, Desktop publishing services (DTP), services, Data Conversion services, PDF to Word Conversion, Editing and Proofreading, Layout Creations, Graphic Designing services.

Our Management

Planning & Execution

We approach each assignment with fresh eyes. Every project has its own set of challenges and as we move from one situation to the next, we know we have to be prepared to run the gamut of budgets, deadlines and technical challenges.Our mission is to grow into an organization with the sole objective of providing professional, high quality Language Solutions that help our clients communicate better, faster and connect them to the entire world.

Quality Process

The translation/localization stage is followed by a 2-stage Quality Check process that includes review by experienced and native-speaking resources (external/internal), and a final check by the in-house team.
  • All translators are native speakers.
  • The translators have successfully completed a degree in translation and/or have a degree or relevant experience in a specific field.
  • All the translations are checked by another translator.
  • Delivery

    We deliver at right time with customer satisfaction. We help the client at every step of path and expand the business, we are proud that our firm gives a platform where you u can convert a language into your favorite language. We are always happy to help our client. Loyal passion and dedication in accomplishing successfully all that we do as professionals. To earn the trust and confidence of all clients, exceeding their expectations


    We localize for all global languages with dedicated professionals and assist them right from email communication to production and finally deliver projects.


    Our exclusive focus on linguistic quality & use of advanced technology guarantees you perfect outcomes. 

    Our Services

    Multi Language DTP Solutions

    We are Bangalore based Multi Language DTP Solutions provider.

    Content Technology

    This content includes text, images, videos, charts, audio files and various other media.

    OCR for the Logistics Industry

    Document capture solutions with OCR are the operation by which printed paper works are imported and captured.

    Data Conversions –Digitalized Formats

    Data conversion is the conversion of one data format into another.

    Trados Memory Solutions

    Seven Soft Services harnesses “best of the industry technology” to produce fine translations.

    Multiple File Formats

    Seven Soft Services provide multiple file format services. 

    Our Clients